Monday, December 29, 2014

Boy Tending Donkeys

Today's picture shows a young boy tending donkeys. The picture was taken on the coast of England in the late 1800's. These donkeys look very hairy compared to the ones I have seen. Perhaps a breed suited for very cold weather.

Hauling Water

Today's picture shows donkeys being used to haul water. The picture was taken in 1936 in the Sudan. This is actually still a very common site in Africa, where people still have to haul water, sometimes for long distances. You will see people at the river filling barrels affixed to the back of donkeys. It is interesting that the donkeys know how to get home, so after the water barrels are filed, the people just let the donkeys go, and the people go on to do other tasks. The donkeys take the water back home unattended. Then the donkeys will just stand by the person's hut, waiting for someone to come and unload the water. It is really an interesting thing to watch.